Because of the widespread use of mobile devices drivers are more distracted than ever, and the result is a bigger number of motor vehicle accidents. Drive Safe initiative aims to provide coverage and attention to this safety problem and encourages drivers to stay focused on the road distraction-free.

National sales team came up with the “Drive Safe” theme to increase the revenue stream from the sales of  sponsored article advertising, as well as the supporting sponsored ads. The stakeholders reported that the current branding wasn’t working, in an effort to convey the serious tone of the topic and reinforce the message Marketing Creative Team has been charged with the rebranding project.

My role
  • Branding
  • Art direction
  • Imagery curation and/or creation
  • Typography
Length of project

2 weeks

Tools used
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Project Requirements

  • Design a new logo
  • Create templated ad campaign packages to distribute to the stations containing: 300×250, 300×600, 728×90 banner ads
  • Wallpaper
  • Story Teaser Images


I’ve began my process by interviewing the stakeholders in an effort to establish the voice of the brand, but ran into lack of direction and general ambiguity within the project. One thing was made clear to me — their current logo was not working for the messaging conveyed, as this brand was going to be used to sell sponsorships and Branded Content articles.

I’ve conducted initial competitive analysis of similar initiatives in the market place. Most of those had an illustrative style and often looked dated.

Based on that, I’ve concluded that this serious subject matter needs a corresponding tone of voice, as well it should feel contemporary to spark and retain viewers’ interest, and draw attention to the topic.




Drive Safe audience is comprised from various local station news sites visitors. By looking at Google Analytics data I’ve generated the following personas.



Matt, 47 y.o. Rochester, NY. Married with 2 kids. Office worker with an Associate Degree. He loves to read up on his local news while drinking coffee in the morning. His kids just started driving and he cares about their safety.


Kim is a 30 y.o. single professional, who resides in Seattle and doesn't drive a car. However, she has younger siblings, who reside in the suburbs. She is concerned about their distracted driving habits and like to read up on safe driving tips.


I have started brand exploration on paper, then moving on to Illustrator to create digital sketches. Arriving at the final two choices submitted to the stakeholders for review.


728×90 Leaderboard
300×600 Half Page
300×250 Medium Rectangle

What I've learned

Over the course of this project I’ve learnt to deal with ambiguity. Everyone has a different communication style — one of the stakeholders wasn’t very clear on what the desired outcome of the rebrand should be, leaving it up to me as a designer to make decisions on what is needed.