The majority of theater goers are adults over 40. The theater companies are struggling with trying to attract a younger audience.

Problem: The theater company needs a play poster that attracts patrons of every age. It has to be captivating, relatable and meaningful.

Solution: Design a poster that both adults and children will equally respond to.

My role
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Layout
Length of project

1 week

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign

1 designer

The process

When I started my process, I kept in mind that the poster should appeal to all ages from grandparents to children. I wanted to create a poster that could be kept as keepsake and allow people to reminisce about seeing this play. It was important for me to draw the audience in with bright colors, playful familiar images, since everyone is familiar with the Disney movie. I wanted the poster to tell the story without giving too much away.

The concept

The concept I came up with for this poster was a bag of tricks. Mary Poppins has this amazing bag that she brings with her everywhere she goes. It’s full of various unexpected objects. She is always full of surprises. Mary herself is a bag of tricks. So, then to develop the concept further, I wanted to add more craziness and surprise — this crazy carousel horse from the play, with all dizzying array of mirrors, shoes, floor lamps and birds.

I used younger, fresher, vibrant color palette to appeal to the younger audience, but used chunky 1960-s feel font to add to the craziness and to give it a more nostalgic feel. Then I arranged the type in a way the stairway leads up to the doors of a theater, where it all happens.

The sponsor logos are flanked by the birds and are integrated into the design.

The result

What I've learned

While working on this project, I’ve learned the importance of doing the research and listening to artist’s music, when creating a music poster. Then taking that knowledge and translating that information into visuals.