KOMO TV, KOMO Radio, and SeattleRefined.com have purchased a trade style show and would like to host a two-day event, and are in need of a redesign of the existing landing page and an ad campaigns to promote it targeting two different audiences.

This will help local news station promote itself, deepen relationship with the community and generate revenue from booths rentals, sponsorships and the sale of the tickets.

With an existing branding and WordPress theme, I was charged with the creation of the required assets.

My role
  • Art Direction
  • Image Curation and Creation
Length of project

3 Months

  • Photoshop
  • WordPress

1 designer

Project Requirements

  • Build a website utilizing existing WordPress theme, create and continue updating visual assets for the Northwest Women Show website as the new celebrities get enlisted, and various business needs arise
  • Create two independent digital creative campaigns that are visually related to the current website, but aimed at two separate audiences of two separate news sites, with the goal of promoting the event.

Create an ad campaign for KomoNews.com, whose female audience is more mature, to be used in a Home Page takeover.

Create a suite of banner ads to be used in a Home Page takeover on SeattleRefined.com, whose audience consists of younger female viewers, predominantly millenials.


I began the process by looking at the audiences of these two sites.

Komonews.com audience generally 40+, where SeattleRefined.com audience consists of millenials. I have discovered differences in what these two audiences care about and want to see and do at the So Northwest Women Show.

Also, I’ve looked into what were the trends in the visual design at the time, as I wanted the general direction to be relevant and fresh for this annual show


NorthWest Women Show’s audience is mostly female of various ages, with the majority tending to be older. They care about all-things-women, from women empowerment, to cooking tips spanning the gamut.

After interviewing the stakeholders, and looking into Google Analytics I have identified 3 core audiences of the NorthWest Women Show.


Retired Female

Female 65 y.o.+, on a fixed income, living alone or with her children, goes to this event to get freebies, socialize, hang out with her daughters and/or grand daughters.

Middle Aged Mother

Female 38-65 y.o., seeks an opportunity to spend time with her elderly mother, as they have been going to this event together for years.

Younger Female

Female, 22-35 y.o., comes to this event to reconnect with her female relatives and/or friends, as well as to check out the celebrities, support local vendors, taste food and get freebies.


What I've learned

I feel like the most difficult thing I had to do in this and other projects is to reconcile the business needs and user experience. Since this was an ongoing project, I had build the website based on last year’s content, and iterating throughout the year. Original wireframe design needed to be evolve in the process of the website being created.

For example, the celebrity guest section would swell, as the new contracts for appearances were signed. The list of the vendors kept growing as more spaces would get leased.

I had to think on my feet on how to solve these problems with the sales goals in mind and design within constraints.