STIRR is a free streaming OTT app with programming that includes a channel with 24/7 news, as well as other live and on-demand programming, including TV series, sports and movies.

With stakeholders’ plans to launch an OTT app the internal design team at Sinclair Digital was tasked with developing the visuals for the new OTT app, consistent with the brand’s look and feel. It was important to explore the variety of topics and subjects, as the general audience and the app content run a gamut.

My role
  • Art Direction
  • Image Curation and Creation
Length of project

2 months

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch

1 designer

Project Requirements: Phase 1

  • Since the content for the app varies broadly —  create the series of on-brand images that would be used as in-app splash screen
  • The images have to be fun, exhilarating, inspirational, and quirky, taking into consideration our broad audience
  • The images would potentially be rotated , maintaining the look and feel of the brand, but offering a variety


I began the process by looking into the brand philosophy and style, as well as initial competitive analysis by looking at the streaming apps brands currently out there.

While looking at the brand’s philosophy, the following things stood out for me:

  • STIRR is a challenger brand. It projects excitement, fun and confidence
  • The brand needs an edge. They don’t want it to get lost in the crowded marketplace
  • It’s not just local — it’s tribal. It seeks to connect the viewer with their tribe — their city, world, scene, people

Existing Design Language System

STIRR had an existing initial Design Language System that was created by a third-party agency, to which I referred to for guidelines when working on this project.


STIRR’s audience is mega-broad given and consists of four segments, which cover pretty much everyone.


Digital Early Adopters

Male 60/40%, 18-24 y.o., in larger heartland cities, some college, maybe living at home but quasi-independent.

Digital Mainstream

Male 60/40%, 25-34 y.o., in smaller cities, white collar with hipster elements, moderate but leans conservative, married with kids, $50K+.

Legacy TV

Male 55/45%, 55-69 y.o., suburban/rural, professional but near retirement, $75K+.


Female 55/45%, 30-50 y.o., homemaker or stay-at-home parent, family CFO.

Results: Phase 1

Project Requirements: Phase 2

Create a series of images that would be used as hero in-app images within the listed content categories and would further determine the direction for image creation for the STIRR team designers.

  • Living
  • Gaming and Geek
  • Labs
  • Sports
  • Celebrities and Pop Culture

Results: Phase 2

Results: Phase 2 in context

Project Requirements: Phase 3

Create an ad campaign for a Home Page takeover to promote streaming app release, based on existing promo video and imagery, which includes:

  • Display banner ads 300 x 250, 300 x 600, 728 x 90, 320 x 50
  • Sliding Billboard and Pencil
  • Wallpaper

Results: Phase 3

What I've learned

Even though my hero card images were not used for the OTT app, one of my ideas — color overlay on black and white photography, informed the direction of the promotional campaign for both video and banner ads. To see how an idea takes on a new life was very rewarding.