Sinclair Digital’s senior executive management organizes an annual themed conference-style two-day retreat in Las Vegas with over 140 Digital Sales Managers attending. 2018 DSM conference theme was announced as “Think Big”.

With the upcoming stakeholders’ plans to hold the conference, Creative Services team at Sinclair Digital was tasked with developing the branding, themed visual narrative, and the entire supporting presentations and signage package for the event.

My role
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Image Curation and Creation
  • Environmental Design
  • Typography
  • Layout
Length of project

1 month

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • PowerPoint
Team size

1 designer

Project Requirements

Create the following suite of items:

  • Branding and visual theme
  • A mini Design Language System
  • Agenda – print and interactive
  • WordPress based web page for sign ups
  • Conference Template deck
  • Name tags
  • Circle of excellence Awards
  • Welcome Rollup Sign


Since the theme changes every year, I didn’t feel like the design would age and become irrelevant some time down the road. I started by looking at the current trends in visual design. One of them was the “interaction” of the type and the imagery, which I felt was appropriate for this use case.

I needed to create supporting visual imagery for this conference as well. I started exploring what “Thinking Big” could mean visually. Since all of the attendees are regions based — I decided the choose man-made regional landmarks for the primary and supporting images/theme.


The audience consisted of Sinclair’s Digital Sales Area Managers, Local Digital Sales Directors, and key executives, both males and females of various ages.


West Coast Digital Sales Manager

David is a DSM out of Bakersfield Area. He is 37 y.o., energetic and eager to close a deal. He is attending the conference to learn something new, shake hands with SVP and CFO, and to mingle with his colleagues during the networking events.

Southern Digital Sales Manager

Darlene is a Digital Sales Manager from San Antonio. She is 55 y.o. and has been working at Sinclair Broadcast for 20 years. She made the transition to Digital Sales about 4 years ago. She is looking to improve her sales technique, learn something new about new products and services, and see what how the incentive plan changed.

Design Language System

I had to develop a mini Design Language System for the rest of the designers on our team to follow, when designing decks for all of the presenters.


What I've learned

I’ve learn that no matter how trendy or fresh was the background color chosen — it is a good practice to check it on a larger screen for glare and vibration. I had to adjust the saturation several times based on that.

Also, I’ve learnt that I should use a cross-platform font, like Arial, because the laptop containing all of the presentations and fonts was stolen at the airport on arrival, so the presenters didn’t have time to install fonts on their laptops.