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By November 26th, 20155,385 Comments


My Role

Reader Profiles


“Read” magazine is a magazine for reading intellectuals in their forties and fifties that tells human interest stories. It’s a periodical with once-a-quarter releases.

The magazine’s genre is human interest meets literary magazine.

Brand Concept

“Read” magazine is — unraveling humanity one human story at a time.


I chose Avenir typeface for the body. It is a simple straightforward typeface that is easy to read. Abril Fatface typeface was selected as the accent typeface for it’s sharp and upscale look. I used Museo Slab for the cover lines. The way the serifs are designed implied additional connection between letters in the word, sort of like the words get woven into the lace of a good story.

The photo style is intimate portraits of people featured in the stories. The mood is subdued, up close and personal.


This issue of magazine contains 4 stories.

Front of Book

Front of book contains a story on testosterone and how it affects us as human beings. I used bold large headline to reinforce the strength, the force, and the desire that testosterone signifies for humans. It is inflating and is spreading off the page.



Feature Well

Feature Well story is a story about two girls from middle America that got switched at birth and didn’t learn about that until they were in their forties. I chose the metaphor of missing pieces – triangles that come together at the end. I chose black and white imagery to reinforce the feeling on nostalgia and lost time, as well as the distant date of the event.






Back Of Book

Back of Book contains two stories. The images I chose tell the story through the places where the events took place.

The first one is about a man who dedicated his entire life to an archaeological dig. I used jumping semi-translucent letters to mimic the air bubbles in the water.





The other story is about a man who woke up one day at a train station in India without a passport or memory of who he was. He re-discovers who he is the story unfolds. I chose a hand-written headline as if it was an entry in a personal journal.


Digital Spreads from “read” magazine